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Aplus LV Modular 60-240K

APLUS LV series Modular Online UPS 60-240K is a three-phase input and output Low-voltage, scalable and modular UPS for high density computing environments, including virtualized or machine learning IT applications. 

The APLUS LV UPS delivers 30kW of efficient, reliable power in 3U of rack space. You can expand its capacity by combining 30 kW modules in a scalable, building block fashion to deliver 240 kW (N+1) from a single 42U rack enclosure. This powerful configuration delivers higher power density than competitive, modular solutions while dissipating only one-third of the heat.

You can design a APLUS LV UPS from scratch, you can also quickly deploy the KEBOS APLUS LV Preassembled System, which is a turnkey solution featuring easy customization, shipping and installation.

  • 30KW for single power module in 3U

  • Single 42U cabinet up to 240KW

  • N+1 or N+X parallel redundancy for power guarantee

  • Modular design decreases MTTR

  • High scalability

  • Built-in maintenance bypass switch for easy maintenance without interruptible

  • High efficiency double conversion online UPS

  • Flexible battery configuration and adjustable charging current

  • High overload capability

  • Power walk-in function

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MODELAplus LV 30U-60Aplus LV 30U-90Aplus LV 30U-120Aplus LV 42U-150Aplus LV 42U-210Aplus LV 42U-240
PHASE3-phase in/3-phase out
BATTERY TYPEExternal Battery
One Power Module Capacity30KVA/30KW
Max. Power Module No.234578
Nominal Voltage3 x 208 VAC (3Ph+N)
Voltage Range-30% ~ +20%
Nominal Frequency50/60Hz (Auto sensing)
Frequency Range40Hz ~70Hz
Power Factor> 0.99 at 100% load, >0.98 at 50% load
Harmonic Distortion (THDi)< 3% @ 100% load
Nominal Voltage3 x 208V/220VAC (3Ph+N) 
Voltage Regulation (Steady state)≦± 1% Typical (balanced load)
≦± 2% Typical (unbalanced load)
Nominal Frequency50/60Hz
Frequency Range (Synchronized range)46Hz ~ 54Hz or 56Hz ~ 64Hz
Overload Capability1 hour for ≦ 110%, 10 mins for 111% ~ 125%, 1 min for 126%~150% and 200ms for >150%
Harmonic Distortion≦2% THD (Linear Load)
≦4% THD (Non-linear Load)
Nominal Voltage+/-  96V ~ +/- 120V (Selectable)
Maximum Voltage+/- 120V (12V x 20 Pcs)
Minimum Voltage+/- 96V (12V x 16 Pcs)
Floating Charge Voltage2.35V/Cell (2.3V~2.4V selectable)
Boost Charging Voltage2.4V/Cell
Temperature CompensationYes
Maximum Charging Current (Per Power Module)20A (Adjustable)
Cabinet Dimension
(D x W x H) mm
1100 x 600 x 14751100 x 600 x 14751100 x 600 x 14751100 x 600 x 20101100 x 1200 x 20101100 x 1200 x 2010
Net Weight (kgs)270315360510888932
Operation Temperature0 ~ 40℃
Relative Humidity0 ~ 95% non-condensing
Altitude **<1000m for Nominal power
IP ClassIP 20
RS-232/USBSupports Windows family, Linux and MAC
Optional SNMPPower management from SNMP manager and web browser
*When temperature is above 30℃, the output power factor will be de-rated, 0.9 at 31℃~35℃ and 0.8 at 36℃~40℃. 
**If the UPS is installed or used in a placewhere the altitude is above than 1000m, the output power must be derated one percent per 100m.